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The Galapagos Isn’t Just Any Island Vacation

The Galapagos Islands are an exotic tropical destination.  Situated in the gorgeous blue waters of the Pacific Ocean. The volcanically formed islands offer beautiful sun-kissed beaches with black, red, or white sand. You can enjoy the tropical breeze while you take in the vibrant sunset. The Galapagos has all the makings of a tropical paradise. Do visitors come to the equatorial Galapagos Islands for vacation just for the tropical climate like other tropical island destinations around the world? NO! Visitors come to the Galapagos Islands for an experience that you can’t find anywhere else. Why do people come to the Galapagos Islands for a holiday? 

In the Galapagos Archipelago, you do find all the makings of a tropical paradise and so much more. A visit to the Galapagos Islands is an unparalleled expedition into the wonders of this unique wild nature preserve.  You can explore the exotic flora and fauna of the Galapagos Island where you can find hundreds of native and endemic species.  A walk in the highlands can result in encountering some of the rarest birds in the world.  You will discover not all penguins live in the coldest parts of the southern hemisphere.  The Galapagos Islands are home to the world’s most northern penguins.  Visitors have the opportunity to observe the lumbering Galapagos Giant Tortoises in their native environment. These are just a few of the animal species you can encounter.

Discovering the distinct landscapes in the Galapagos Islands that offer breathtaking views is both a treat for the eye and the soul. The volcanic geology of the Galapagos is spectacular. The distinctive Pinnacle Rock is a signature landmark found in the Galapagos Islands on Bartolomé Island.  The lava tunnels found throughout the Galapagos are fun to explore and add a challenge to any hiking expedition. 

The Galapagos Marine Reserve hosts a bevy of marine life. Making the Galapagos Islands a great location for experienced divers and for snorkelers alike. Underwater Galapagos provides a wide range of marine life. You may spot tiny seahorses, brilliant starfish, or Hammerhead Sharks. Galapagos is the place for shark lovers, the Galapagos is host to one of the highest concentration of sharks in the world. The underwater experience is as spectacular as the wildlife on land.

All of this amazing unique wildlife can be found in Galapagos and that is why Galapagos is not just another tropical island destination.  Ninety-seven percent of the land in the Galapagos Islands is a protected national park and 51,000 sq. mi of the waters surrounding the Galapagos Islands is a marine reserve.  The local community in partnership with the government, scientists, and conservationists are working to protect flora and fauna of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Galapagos, for the world. 

Donna Daugherty is a long time permanent resident of the Galapagos Islands.  She has worked as a consultant for the Charles Darwin Foundation and is a founding member of Ambiente Independiente. She is an entrepreneur owning and developing businesses for over 20 years. The owner of Torre Mar Galapagos Boutique Suites Hotel serving guests in the Galapagos Islands.