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Torre Mar Galapagos Boutique Suites offers accommodation & tour packages with our family’s travel agency.  When you select an inclusive package for your Galapagos adventure you can make the most of your Galapagos vacation.  At Torre Mar Galapagos, we are a unique all-suite hotel offering one and two-bedroom apartment suites with kitchens. Our guests enjoy more spacious accommodations than a standard hotel room. Combine Torre Mar Galapagos Boutique Suites with a custom-designed tour package our guests have the Galapagos holiday that is on their wish list.

The most popular request from our guests is a tour & accommodation package designed to maximize their experience in Galapagos with a visit ranging from two nights to two weeks all in an affordable package. Your tour packages can be very active or set at a more relaxed pace.  All customized just for you. We offer shared departures and private tours to unique locations in the Galapagos. See a Sample Itinerary. Our tour packages include the very best of Galapagos with the must-sees on Santa Cruz and visits to nearby islands with full-day boat tours including guided tours and self-guided activities. We also offer options that are off the beaten path as well. Some meals are included and private airport transfers can be arranged.  You can also select to have shared tour departures or private charters. Tell us what you are looking for and let us design your Galapagos itinerary:

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    Some of the more popular nearby islands with visitor sites are Bartolome, North Seymour, South Plazas, and Santa Fe. Most day tours include an option for snorkeling. Additional tour options are also available for your custom Galapagos tour itinerary.

    Bartolome Island (6:15am to 5:30pm)

    The classic Galapagos landscape is on Bartolome Island. You can view the famous Pinnacle Rock, the most famous landscape in all Galapagos. You will climb up a long staircase to the viewpoint on the summit which offers breathtaking views over the surrounding islands. It is a spectacular volcanic landscape and great snorkeling! This beach is great for swimming and snorkeling with the opportunity of seeing many different reef fish, penguins, rays, and white-tipped reef sharks.

    North Seymour Island (8:00 am to 4:00 pm)

    North Seymour Island is located slightly to the north of Baltra.  It is a great choice when you want to see a variety of Galapagos wildlife. This island is a low, flat island that was formed as a result of the uplift of a submarine lava formation. This arid island is covered with cactus and low bushy vegetation. North Seymour is home to the largest colony of Magnificent frigate birds in the Galapagos. You will also find Land iguanas here too. There is also a resident population of blue-footed boobies that perform an amusing courtship dance and rear their young there when nesting conditions are right. Seeing their blue feet stepping in a slow-motion, wing spreading, whistling and honking is one of the highlights of a visit to this island. Snorkeling and swimming from the beautiful and sandy Bachas beach follow the island walk.

    South Plazas Island (7:30am to 5:00pm)

    South Plazas is one of a pair of small uplifted islands located a short distance from the east coast of Santa Cruz, South Plaza has a unique landscape of colorful Sesuvium plants and Opuntia cacti and provides some of the most interesting wildlife observation spots in the Galapagos. Land iguanas are easily seen from the trail. The unique Swallow-tailed gulls, Pelicans, and Shearwaters, along with other sea birds that use the rising air to glide effortlessly over the escarpment. The protected rocky seashore is prime habitat for a large colony of playful sea lions.

    Santa Fe Island (8:00 am to 4:30 pm)

    One of the oldest islands in the Galapagos, Santa Fe is located south of Santa Cruz Island. This rugged island is home to 4 endemic Galapagos species. When arriving on the sandy beach of the protected bay you will be greeted by sea lions and lava lizards. A short circular trail takes you along the cliff edge. You will have the chance of spotting the Santa Fe Land Iguana, only found in Santa Fe. Snorkeling in the beautiful bay offers one of the best places to swim with playful sea lions. You can also view colorful tropical fish and occasionally sea turtles and rays.

    Sample Itinerary:

    Day 1: Arrival-Private Airport Transfer to Torre Mar Galapagos & Self Guided tour of the National Park Breeding Center and Charles Darwin Research Station.

    Day 2: North Seymour Island Tour

    Day 3: Guided Highlands Tour

    Day 4: Kayaking & Beach Day at Tortuga Bay. Chocolate-making experience late afternoon.

    Day 5: Bartolome Island Tour

    Day 6: Floreana Island Tour

    Day 7: Pesca Vivencial Snorkeling Tour

    Day 8: Departure – Private Airport Transfer